Tucker IT – Computer Solutions came about when I discovered that Starkville Mississippi had a need for certified computer technicians. I’ve seen that the local businesses around town, while their prices are fair, are sometimes too high for the struggling student. I’ve been in those shoes and I know how stressful and difficult it can be to have my computer start having problems right when some big paper or program was due and not be able to afford to have it fixed. I strive to keep my prices low enough so that anyone needing a professional to repair their computers can come to me and I have it fixed and returned to them speedily and for a reasonable price that they are able to afford.

I also offer my services to the residents and businesses of Starkville Mississippi. For the residents, I try to offer that same cost effective and time sensitive turnaround that all users deserve. For businesses, I offer a weekly preventative maintenance to keep your computers running smooth and to catch any little problems before they become costly big problems or worse, loss of data. Please feel free to contact me via email, text, or phone call and I will do my best to answer any and all questions.